Over 20 years of experience

Your one stop in-built furniture studio, where we transform ideas to reality.

  • In House Carpentry

    Our local based In-House Carpentry delivers quality workmanship while meeting your specific needs.

  • Deposit Guaranteed

    Unsuccessful bank loans or change of mind? We will refund your deposit within 7 days.

  • Professional Team

    Our Interior Designers are trained to provide you with the best advice for your home.

About Us

For all your renovation needs, one stop shopping is what you need.

Our team works with the best professionals to renovate your home at an affordable price without compromising quality or aesthetics.

In just four easy steps, you can create the home or office of your dreams!

1. Contact our sales team to schedule an appointment
2. Create the home of your dreams with our experienced interior designers
3. The selection of materials and the measurement of dimensions
4. Set up a date for the makeover

As an established carpentry manufacturer with over 20 years' experience leading a locally based carpentry team, we can confidently guarantee the quality of our products and services.

Do you have a dream home or office in mind? Let us help you turn your idea into a reality!

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